Our StoryTellers

                                Barry Jones


            Barry , a native of Wales, is a retired scientist and now a writer/ story-teller and a member of the Explorastory group. He has told his short stories on numerous public occasions including at the Tennessee State Museum, historic Rock Castle in Sumner County, Coco Café in Nashville, the Brentwood ‘Haunted Walk’ as well as at local libraries. His stories have been published in a collection entitled ‘Words Upon A Tombstone’. He has also published a debut novel, ‘Rusted Rails’ and more recently, an action-adventure novella, ‘The Search for Kindronium 379’. A fourth novel, 'The Garbage Sifter', is currently with the publisher. He is married with two grown children and lives in Hendersonville. You can find more information on Barry is on his web page




                                                Magda Underdown-DuBois


    Magda the StorySpider began to tell stories in her neighborhood children's bookstore about 5 years ago & has exploring ever since. She's been a featured teacher-teller at the Lockeland Design Center, a repeat presenter at the Tennessee Library Association conference, a workshop moderator for teens at the Smyrna Public Library, a founder of Eastside Tellabration! and a performer for the Jonesborough National Stortyelling Festival's 1st Annual Story Slam, in the midst of spinning traditional yarns for bookstores, schools, libraries, and birthday parties around the state and a few personal narratives for the local MOTH-type shows, including That Time of the Month. She enjoys bringing contemporary twists to fairy tales, myths & folklore, as well as weaving common threads, connecting with True stories. You can find her on Twitter (@CMUDStorySpider) ; Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MagdaStorySpider and on YouTube https://youtube.com/user/SeaMudSpider/videos

Tel #: 615-945-2856

email: cunderdown@gmail.com







                              Ron Turner


     Ron came to storytelling in 2013 after he retired as the Director of Religious and Volunteer Services for the Tennessee Department of Correction.  Ron also writes poetry, having published a collection of poems entitled My Father, My Sons & Me in Between in 1997.  Samples of his poetry can be found at his website www.poetskiss.com.  In addition, to storytelling and writing, Ron stays busy singing in the choir at First Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashville, consulting in prisons, and being Papa to four grandchildren.  

      Ron practiced law for over 20 years in Nashville before teaching Criminal Justice at Cumberland University for 7 years.  He holds a law degree and a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt and in 2008 he received his Ph.D. in Public Administration from Tennessee State University where his dissertation was on Religion in Prison.  





                               Laurie Shoemaker


     Laurie got hooked on storytelling several years ago while attending a local church fundraiser where Patsy Lawson and Michael Williams (both local but nationally recognized) were featured tellers.  She loved the experience so much she immediately tracked Patsy down and joined Explorastory as a listener.  Laurie soon developed into a teller herself and uses her animated expressions and down home voice to draw listeners in.  She’s a very active member and served as treasurer for the guild.  She still enjoys listening but now also enjoys telling her own stories too!  Laurie has performed publically at various Rock Castle events, Moss Wright Park, and Barnes and Noble.    

     She is the oldest of 5 girls and often uses her family experiences to entertain her audience.  Laurie is an avid animal lover and enjoys pet sitting, feeding strays, and playing with her cat, Penny.  It is never a surprise to find a pet featured in one of her tales.  Laurie’s daughter, Misty served 3 tours in Iraq and is a great source of pride and inspiration for some of her most heartfelt stories, too. 

     Laurie is living proof that there is a storyteller hidden in everyone.  She is not yet a nationally known teller, just your average working mom living life with husband Jay, family, and friends…and talking about it! 





                          Dee Kimbrell


Dee  is an interactive storyteller, workshop facilitator and Educational Play Specialist. As a Processology (tm) Practitioner, she is extensively trained in the learning process and cutting edge techniques to facilitate creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.   Dee has enjoyed being on the state artist roster of the Tennessee Arts Commission since 2004 and performs at libraries, schools, parks and conferences state wide.

Dee’s goal with storytelling is to empower and inspire her audiences, whether that audience contains children, adults or a combination of both.   Using simple props to ignite participation, Dee incorporates audience members to be an active part of each story. Dee's dynamic style empowers audience’s innovation and creativity to come forth while collaborating with others to create a story.   In the mood to just sit back and listen to a story?  No problem!  Dee has personal stories for adults that will motivate and entertain.

Dee is one of the founding members of Explorastory and served as Co-President in 2013.  She enjoys this evolving group as a beautiful way to network with other storytellers, connect with the community and polish her craft.  To find out more about Dee and her stories visit:   www.storiesbydee  or www.creativegeniusinyou.com


Debbie Caldwell is a retired teacher and librarian.  Stories and storytelling have always been a part of her life.  She used storytelling to teach history in elementary school and to encourage a love of reading and the enjoyment of literature in the library.  She specializes in folk tales, fairy tales, and spooky stories suitable for all ages.  Debbie has told stories in school, libraries, and churches.  She has shared stories at Spirits of Rock Castle in Hendersonville, the Ghost and Lantern Tour and Yulefest at Mansker’s Station  in Goodlettsville, and the Tennessee State Museum’s Haunted Museum event.  She has told stories at the annual Tomato Festival and at the Nashville Women’s Club. Contact her:

    email  - debbooks@comcast.net

    Phone - (615) 476-0214